Athens? Flights expensive

well, i strongly recommend :))) (here i come again, your trip advisor; shit i am spending too much time in this forum, i ll stop tomorrow - i ll be very busy this week)

ok, i strongly strongly recommend
come to İzmir (çeşme) (çeşme is relatively expensive by the way, but i can recommend other nice places at izmir)
then take a boat trip to prieaus (7 hours something). my mom is from izmir (izmir is perfect)

think about it. pireaus is also a great place. :))

ps: if many fans come to izmir, i may come also for a few day:)) with my torches :)))
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Manchester to Athens​

Going out​

Depart: Tue 15 Aug 2023 at 06:20
Arrive: Tue 15 Aug 2023 at 12:15
Flight duration:3 hrs 55 mins direct
Adults: 2 x £222.00 pp

Coming back​

Depart: Thu 17 Aug 2023 at 13:15
Arrive: Thu 17 Aug 2023 at 15:20
Flight duration: 4 hrs 5 mins direct
Adults: 2 x £397.00 pp

Not great. Over £600 that week on jet 2, or go for longer and miss games.
turkish airlines to İzmir 2 way seems around 230 GBP
make your calculations.... izmir is great...

izmir to pireaus boat is around 30 GBP (1000 ty)

izmir may be a nice choice. check it. you have time..
PS: turkey in financial crisis. use it...
I go to Greece a lot. It's August and the most expensive flights. Ryanair stopped flying there this year and Easyjet wont pay for normal landing times.
If you can get flights at a price that's acceptable to you, try staying on the east coast facing Evia (Eubeoa). The hotels at Nea Makri and Rafina have free transfers to and from the airport and the bus from the airport into Athens is 12 euros right outside the arrivals lounge into Athens (E96 bus _ about 1hr 15.)
If you can find somewhere to stay in Athens, fine. Most greeks vacate Athens in the summer - it's too hot.

Another alterative is Aegean into Thessaloniki and transfer on to Athens, but I can't see that being cost effective.

If you go for a few days, a stay on one of the islands close to Athens (Pireaus) is good. An hour os so on the ferry. Would recommend Agistri / Poros / Aegina
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