Atmosphere - 2023/24

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City fans have always been critical of themselves, without due cause. Our atmosphere is on a par or better than most (probably actually the best away support of them all) and as was shown today others have a much worse problem with early leavers. Even with the tourists, I think the atmosphere midweek will be electric
The ironic thing about apparently having empty seats and no atmosphere, the players don’t feel the tension because it’s soo quiet and there’s always empty seats, unlike Liverpools famous YNWA anthem (when their winning, or Sky crank it up before our match) and Arsenal, who need their players to encourage them to stop shitting their pants and fuck off big style when they throw their cravats in disgust.
Would love a loud blue moon before the game but seems impossible with the fast version be great if the club could change it for this match

Never get why blue moon fizzles out after the second 'blue moon' haha would love to sing a few verses of it
Be loud, be proud and let’s help our boys smash Real Madrid into next week.
Boo, whistle every second we don’t have the ball, for the full game. No quiet spells at all. Cheer the lads on. Sing your heart out, louder than you’ve done in a long time.
Lets create a cauldron that drives the Madrid players into mistakes and pushes our lads on, and on, and on.
We’ve got this.

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