Atmosphere - 2023/24

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I normally agree with you on here mate, but I thought today was decent. Plenty of people in North Stand getting involved.

SS3 were decent today, although I appreciate that from under the roof in SS1 you can't hear them. Same issue as always!

8/10 for me, I thought we gave it a pretty good go
Rocking i thought
I see we are now getting stick for not cheering the trophy lift loudly enough, like this has ever been a cauldron of noise. The whole coverage of our atmosphere has reached a quite pathetic level.
I had shouted myself hoarse by the time the trophy was lifted. It was rocking in East Stand Upper the whole match. A lot of people were shattered and dehydrated well before the players came out.
Thought our support was pretty decent yesterday before United scored twice. It went quiet and flat after that. It picked up again in the 2nd half.
Blues near me were poor. I was up in the top tier next to the United fans. Too many first timers. There was a woman videoing herself dancing when United scored. Far too many Half and half scarves.
Boxpark was a good party after!

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