Avery Bygpleher-Entewurld


25 Jul 2009
Still at Maine Road in my mind.
Not this one again - I thought it had all fallen through when he said it was a barm and Txiki told him to 'do one'? Unless he's relented I think we should move on and just concentrate on bringing Kante home.
Kante is never coming back, mate — he’s said he could never look at Kyle Walker again, much less play with him, after that awkward night in Amsterdam.

As for the barm incident, they were both misquoted; Bygpleher-Entewurld picked up a muffin and said “what’s the harm” as he took a bite, and Txiki replied “none” before having one himself. ABE had been on a strict diet to get fit for the medical and Txiki was just trying to put him at ease.

How could he know ABE was lactose intolerant and the eating of the barm would... err, cut short the physical assessment so spectacularly?

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