"Teach them a lesson".


Davey do you want one of them?:


Too busy scrounging players now to concentrate on playing.

Pathetic fucking club living in the past and poaching talent wherever possible.
Surely this can’t be true otherwise we would’ve negotiated a loan or purchase of one of their players during the Cancelo deal if we wanted one

Barcelona is a membership based organisation so there is always a political element to the way they communicate publicly. They always act like spoilt brats to protect the feelings of their members but it's just noise, often coloured by Catalan nationalism.

In this case it seems to be to set the scene for when they lose youth players that the reason is City behaving badly rather than the people in charge being incompetent.

Remember the fuss over getting Eric Garcia back? Now on loan to Girona. Don't let it bother you.
Barcelona's wage bill has been dropped to 404 (from 566* last season) million euros.. quite amazing actually. Will probably have a summer next season where they bail out the players they probably already have informal (cos cant have option/obligation to sign cos La Liga FFP) agreements with (Joao2) and go back to more standard situation summer 2026. It will take a long time before they give those wages again though.
*down from peak 656m after the Barto deferments.
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Barca official number from La Liga limit came now.. 270m ouch. Its probably without some of the non-payed out levers still though that will probably arrive before the winter that will take it up to around 400m now, thats the explanation that has been given in the press (edit: Tebas confirmed it). It would probably been around 200 or so without any levers used by Laporta at all, its easier to understand why he used em now instead of basically gutting the whole first team and by that finding it hard to keep the youngster gems as well by not having a competitive team for them to thrive in.

The 90m budget loss by moving to Montjuic probably didnt help in this regard either thoguh.
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Cancelo and Felix start for Barça, the game is about to start. Cancelo tackle to recover the ball and Felix goal.
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