Battered and took apart

It’s hardly surprising Liverpool were battered today a midfield of Macallister, Jones. Elliott were never going to control Odegaard, Jorginho and Rice

I’d love for them three to start against city
I recall Borussia Dortmund giving City a real thrashing even though the match ended 1-1.
Ilkay Gundogan ripped us apart throughout that match. Hart managed to keep them to 1-0 until Balotelli scored a last minute penalty after handball.
Joe Hart was superb that game, saved us from an absolute twatting.
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Funny thing about the Anfield QF, it is mostly remembered as an obliteration but if you take away the odd 15 minutes they scored in we were the better side. The ref shafted us (in both legs) and if Sane didn't have his worst game in a City kit we could have easily won that one
Four goal swing by bent refereeing over two legs. Luhoz at his very worst
Someone did an analysis of this and if I remember rightly, there’s only something like 9 games in the whole of Pep’s time where the underlying numbers say we should have lost. As in the expected goals against was greater than the expected goals for. Now expected goals are a bit of statistical bollocks, but they give a good indication of whether a team won because they took their chances against a better team, or whether they actually had the better of the game. Obviously there have been far more games where we’ve lost to a team that scored from their only shot on goal.
Four goal swing by bent refereeing over two legs. Luhoz at his very worst
Yeah, the incident that is most remembered is the Milner back pass at the Etihad with Lahoz but I'd argue we got it worse at Anfield. At least two stone-wall penalties denied and if I remember correctly we got a perfectly good goal disallowed there as well. Going back to the Etihad with an away goal or two would have made all the difference in the world

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