BBC SPOTY | Team of the Year: CITY | Coach of the Year: GUARDIOLA | World Sport Star: HAALAND

The club World Cup is bollocks. Any tournament you automatically get to the semifinal or final of by winning another trophy isn’t a proper tournament. It’s up there with the European Super Cup and Community Shield in prestige.
At least in the community shield you get to play good opposition and is part of pre-season match fitness.

I know most of this forum cries at the thought of saying anything remotely complimentary about anyone associated with United, but she more than deserves her due.

Not to mention it was a public vote, nobody got snubbed.
All the rest of British sport was overlooked because their was only a choice of 6 to vote for. With that selection - an extremely rich Rag supporting golfer, a Scouse multi event athlete, a retired cricketer, a retired jockey, a wheelchair tennis player and a ragette keeper. You could bet your house on ME & KJT finishing very high up as there are so many Rag and Scouse armchair warriors all over the country.

I personally think of that 6 Stuart Broad was the outstanding candidate for all he has done for the England cricket team over a good length of time.
I find it hard to get worked up about who wins SPOTY tbh, especially as it's a public vote. It lost any credibility after Giggs won it in 2009. Earps was a bit of a surprise choice, but there didn't really seem to be an standout candidate on the shortlist. Anyway, congratulations to Pep, Haaland and the team on their awards.
Embarrassing that she won it. But did anyone really expect anything else?
Why was it embarrassing? It was a public vote. I would have liked Stuart Broad to have won it but the public voted for Earps.
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