Benjamin Mendy leaves City | Launches “multi-million-pound” claim against club over unpaid wages (p118)

I was thinking the same. Shouldnt Mendy be claiming against the people who falsely accused him ?

He couldnt work because HE broke the bail agreement, why would City first him being a knobhead
If he claimed against the people who accused him, there's a much stronger chance he could lose.

It's very difficult to prove a criminal case for sexual assault/rape, especially when everyone agreed that sexual contact took place. You're sending someone to prison for a long time, which means a jury needs to be almost certain, and that's very difficult. The CPS probably thought they had a good chance as it was multiple similar claims, but even a little bit of doubt means he can't be convicted.

A jury hasn't decided he was telling the truth, or that he was falsely accused. Even if they thought the women were a lot more likely to be telling the truth, they still don't convict if there is a small chance he's innocent. The jury has decided there wasn't enough evidence to be 99/100% sure that he was guilty.

If he sues the accusers, then those deciding the case don't have to be certain, they just have to listen to both sides and decide who is more believable.
Fucking low life
His behaviour off the field alone dictates he should just fuck off and be extremely grateful not to be doing porridge long term….and that’s leaving out how crap he was on the pitch.
Basically injured half the time (as a result of a crap bit of defending) during which the club stood by him. Then crap the few times he appeared followed by dragging City through the mud for his behaviour with women.
The guy should be grateful the club isn’t suing him for damaging our image.
Sincerely hope we fuck him off big time!
Rant over.
I take it you're not in HR?
We should have a counter claim , we paid over £50m for this clown and his actions made him wothtless , he had two years left on his contract when he got nicked and some idiot would have paid £20m for him. Perhaps he should go after his accusers for the money he lost or the CPS , we didnt stop him working they did , but we know his accusers havent got a pot to piss in , so his lwayer is coming after the money, he can go and get f*cked.
No. The court did, and he did. He breached his bail conditions. CPS didnt stop him working, he could have carried on until he breached his bail. That is on him
He used to demand free ice-cream from my niece when she worked in the Platinum Boxes. She only worked there until she graduated, yet she still had the pleasure on her last day of work by refusing to serve him. Her last comment to Benjamin Mendy at the Etihad was 'get out of're not a patch on Mr Whippy!'
When you factor in a 50 mill fee amortised to zero, his wages whilst we were paying him and the fact that the club was even associated with this disgusting **** then he wins The Worst Ever Signing Award by a country mile.

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