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6 May 2013
I've just posted a question to Atkinson in the Post-match thread as to what level of encouragement it gives players who don't get booked. The Whistling Wankers might not give the pen, VAR might overrule them, but no booking? Oh, well, I might just try my luck in another five minutes if he's not booking me. If Ferny gets booked for a foul, Martial should be booked for something that a lot of fans regard as far worse than a foul. The PL and FA drive to eradicate this blatant cheating from the game has just gone the same way as booking people who don't retire immediately ten yards from a free kick. They just can't be arsed.
A few times they've had a crack down on diving giving out yellow cards, and every time they've immediately given one to someone who was actually fouled. But that was pre-VAR. It should be easy to correct any mistakes now, but they don't allow VAR to correct yellow cards. But they're not looking at the bigger picture. You'd only have to do it and get it right for a few weeks before players got the message.

But the more common dives aren't the blatant ones like Martial today, they're the ones with a tiny bit of contact often when a player is already halfway to the floor. Let's be honest, if Dias had slightly grazed his leg on the way down, the commentators would all be talking about how their was contact and therefore a penalty, and it would still be just as much of a dive.

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