Bicycles from your childhood

The very early 90s were completely style free looking back
Yellow Mk2 Chopper for me. Then progressed to a ten speed Peugeot racer in Celeste blue which I used to lovingly polish with Duraglit on a far too often basis. Loved that bike.
Raleigh Super Lenton, fixie, Reynolds 531 double-butted frame alloy rims, Brookes saddle.tanner off £24, about 1958, on hp, £2 per month, my paper round money, stolen from school after 6 months, not insured... thieving twat from the Mersey Bank estate was notorious, when arrested for car theft, police found a machine-gun in his house, years later he had a hot-rod entered in the custom car show in Belle Vue, it was recognised by its owner after it was shown in Custom Car mag.
A green Raleigh Strika, loved it. Then when that phase went had a bmx called a Piranha. Looked cool as fuck but it was bloody heavy limiting my stunts

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