Blondie night on BBC2 now

Great Edinburgh Blondie tribute band called Dirty Harry
I actually met the real one years ago .. it was when she was touring as a solo artist and opened a new live venue in Edinburgh.
A band I helped manage called Goodbye Mr Mackenzie supported
Saw them live, twice. About 1999 the first time. I'd loved them back in the late70s/early 80s and never thought I'd get the chance to see them live.

Her voice was still bloody great at that time. Plus, Clem is a bloody great drummer
Hammersmith Odeon (sister lived in London at the time) at their zenith and then Ravinia in Chicago when they came back with “Maria” and the Pollinator album. Flew them to LA for one of the chat shows to introduce “Maria.”

This is Clem having a pre-show chat with fans! After Her Majesty, he is far and away the highlight of the show!


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