Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February

Pochetino will be a laughing stock if he doesnt win this , a bunch of snotty nosed clueless kids from Knotty Ash against multi million pound wasters , the only decent player on the pitch is Palmer and that because Pep nurtured him into the player he is now.
Just look at that Dipper side it is absolute garbage.
Dippers players look like they’d run through a brick wall for klopp.
Chelsea players look like they’re telling pochetino to fuck off you boring ****
Peter Drury: And so it came to be that the team of young babbies, barely off the nipple, overcame the immaculate titans of Chelsea. Such bravery hath not been seen since times of yore. Small cherubs became men that day. It is not the stork but the liver birds that have delivered to us this bundle of young warriors.
Don't be Naive , if you listen to the way Neville frames what he says when there is a contentious decision to make it always trys to lead one way .
I'm not being naïve you need to give your head a really big fukin wobble.
Have you ever made that accusation outside of this echo chamber in real life to a fan of an opposing team?

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