Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February

No, I don't think I fukin know.
One of the pre-requisites of VAR was that there must be no influence outside of the room-but oyu want me to believe they are listening to every fukin word Carragher ushers!
It was also said there had to be a big screen in every ground to show var reviews.
Guess the 2 grounds that don't have them.
Nothing said about it though.
The whole thing is so bent it's unreal.
And talking about spitty and neville twat face.
They shouldn't be commentating on dippers rags or our games
I'm not being naïve you need to give your head a really big fukin wobble.
Have you ever made that accusation outside of this echo chamber in real life to a fan of an opposing team?
You place to much faith in the "no outside influence in the var room" arguement this is football in 2024, Sky pay big money for these games they are going to have an influence in some way shape or form . And yes I have discussed it with fans not in the "echo chamber" of blue moon and we all agree football in Britain is bent as fuck.

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