Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February

If i was the Chelsea owner i woud sack Pochetino after the game , he cannot organise a billion pound teamto beat some Dipper scrote kids , he's a myth of a manager who has won f8ck all , apart from PSG winning a title in the French farmers league , vastly overrated.
Didn't he also do the unthinkable of not winning the league one season with PSG?
This performance from Chelsea is the type that gets managers the sack. Utterly abysmal against a Liverpool youth team.

How the fuck we’ve failed to beat them this season I do not know.
It doesn’t matter what 11 Liverpool play right now, they win. AFCON came and went, they kept winning. Injuries come along to key players, they still win. They’re going to take some stopping, since even playing kids still gets them a trophy.

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