Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February

They're playing the rent boys for fuck sake, Citys Womens team would have beat that shower of shite today*
*No offence to the Womens team by the way as I love watching them.

We didn't though did we?.Had two goes at it as well.
Klopp could win everything this season and he still won’t get close to Pep’s achievements at City.
They’ll try to make out it is though.
They’ve won one premier league and they started with “is this the greatest ever premier league side?”
The wankfest has begun already.
He’s not scored as many own goals either;)

Turn the clock back a couple of years and it was the same quadruple shite from the Dippers up until April , how did that turn out ? Today is the only trophy they will win , its a trophy were Premier league teams use it to give squad players a run out. We used to have the Lancashire league trophy to play the reserves and kids now its the Carashite Cup.
Congrats Dippers youve just won the second string trophy , get the open top bus started.
Spitty said it’s as important a trophy for Klopp as his Champions League win, what an absolute fucking whopper. And that Drury fella, what a fuck wit he is, “Godfather Klopp and his kids”, fuck off you over sentimental ****, he loves it when other teams score against us but rarely raises his voice when we score, wanker.
The sooner Klippety departs the better , then the Dippers can then revert to type, challenging for a top six place and hoping for a good cup run , then we will see a few empty seats in their 60k ground like they used to have when Hodgson was their manager and where playing in mid table.

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