Carabao Cup Final 2024 | Sun 25th February

Or he was just doing his job as a commentator and offering his opinion.
Fuk knows how we've got to the situation that blues think Sky (actually not even Sky but fukin pundits) are directing games from the commentary box-but it's fukin embarrassing
You need to wake up and smell the coffee, ratboy has been trying to "lead" the VAR official for ages with his comments on penalties and suchlike .Spitty has woken up to the idea of influencing things as well .
I'm surprised Klopp is fucking off. They have some really good kids coming through and with a couple of bits will still be challenging and winning trophies.
Fernandes and Caicedo are very average footballers. Being dominated by Liverpools B team
I’m watching the pair of them wondering how anyone paid over a £100m for each of them. Fernandez is Ok - a busy bits and pieces midfielder - but he doesn’t control the game - or change the game - He isn’t going to create or score a bagful of goals. But Caicedo - slow, cant tackle, cant pass - shouldn’t manage any game without two yellows. Gallagher is better than the pair of them - but no one would pay £100m for him
Just turned this on, I thought it was sky sports I had but with so many l’pool commentators, I thought it switched to l’pool tv.

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