CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)


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2 Jul 2008
Standing alone
Here's how the BBC are putting it: "Manchester City showed 'blatant disregard' in Uefa FFP case, says Cas"

Nasty shits.
Official complaint gone in..
I feel I have to complain about the current bbc sport headline regarding Manchester Citys recent exoneration from uefas 2 year ban.
the headline ..Man City showed "blatant disregard" to co-operating with Uefa's investigation into potential Financial Fair Play (FFP) breaches ...leading with such a headline without the reporter doing any research into the published CAS documents or the case itself is innacurate and misleading and is distorting the information...leading with such a statement shows whoever wrote it has an agenda and is not interested in reporting the truth

remember arthur mann

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30 Aug 2009
Newton Upon The Heath
From my quick reading, which I haven't finished, CAS declared that anything that happened prior to 2014 was time-barred but not anything after. So they could examine the sponsorship revenues that were paid after 2014 and found those were properly paid and weren't disguised equity funding. That clearly implies that had the other payments not been time-barred, they would also have been found to be properly paid.

Therefore anyone claiming we got off "on a technicality" is completely wrong.
I'll just carry this forward.


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20 Feb 2008
The impartial BBC. Absolute disgrace.

Why we should do a Utd ad refuse to give interviews for MOTD till we get a balanced reporting on us. Club needs to do a strong statement in the next few days outlining why we did not co-operate ie leaks, witch-hunt and previous issues with them then include the doctored emails, dates changed, emails changed etc

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