Celtic Thread - 2023/24

Well hello new thread. Let’s hope it is full of the topsy turvy he said, he never said, type of discourse.

Last season was bittersweet. It ended with winning a lot of Silver, but losing a big Gold nugget. I had thought Spurs was too much bullshit and that Ange would see that and stay another year. Turns out he doesn’t read my stuff, more fool him, but I had to accept the big guy has ambitions to test himself at the very top and who can blame him for that? Not me.

It has been a feature that many wanted him to leave desperately, in order to give their team a chance. That another revolution was coming and even, Ange was fleeing because Beale would put him in his place. No laughing at the back, I doubt many believed that, but they love that sort of thing.

I loved the way Ange operated, both with the recruitment, his style of play and how he handled the press which does not have a great deal of journos who support us. That isn’t a great big deal as writing you’re on the way back or have indeed arrived, doesn’t make that happen. Winning makes that happen on the pitch. Talk is cheap and overused about what others are going to do. Ange just did it. And for that he will always be a loved guy.

Turmoil, turmoil turmoil. That was the most used word to describe us after he went. Big Eck claiming this turmoil could be utilised by Beale to get back to the top. I did laugh, but mainly due to Rangers, in my humble, have so much more of the T word to deal with. A lorryload of players are out of contract. Some left for free who were kept too long, losing a lot of money. Other players who aren’t good enough will be offloaded and he needs good recruitment, never easy, to build a team capable of putting up a fight.

What was missing in all this was the absolute fact, we would recruit. We would build on what we have too. It was as of Ange goes, we down tools and say we don’t need to do anything. Thankfully Lawell isn’t in charge, because under that ****, that may well have happened. Not now.

So without a manager and buried in Turmoil we had to find a new one. Everybody who doesn’t have us on their Christmas list hoped we would get another Ronnie Delia and fuck everything up.

Well those hopes are now gone. Rogers is back and no matter what bravado you may hear, they didn’t want that. Not at all. Already we read how he got Leicester relegated, he’s shit, we all want him dead, he will be away by Christmas, his teeth are ridiculous, I agree in that, and basically the areal Rangers will destroy all our dreams.

Let’s see shall we.

Season predictions.

Treble and in Europe? I have no fucking idea. It’s always a bridge too far. We have either had a shit defence, or last year we couldn’t score in a barrel of Fannie’s.

Rogers knows this as he was on tue receiving end of some eye watering horrors there.
I hope we improve, but I won’t claim the Real Celtic are coming. I will leave that shot to our pals.

Play up, play up and play the game.,

Bring it on.
I got as far as ‘not many journos support us’

That’s plenty
I got as far as ‘not many journos support us’

That’s plenty
You missed a helluva read. Hopefully you will see all I’m talking about, as it overwhelms you once the season starts. Or before.
Will win the league...

Nobody will give a fuck except greasy pole or whatever his name is.
Greasy pole will suffice. Might be a few million more having a massive fan base, but on here you’re bang on. Me, myself and I.
Appropriate user name
I think on this occasion, he is using logic and rational thinking. We will be odds on favourites.

Now, if he had said the Real Rangers are coming…….men with nets and tranquilliser darts me thinks.

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