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Blue Feather

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10 May 2013
The players are not stupid. It was a blunder to change the team and its structure. Gundo was played out of position and so was Foden to accommodate Sterling. We were overwhelmed in midfield and Pep didn't change things till it was much too late. He waited too long to bring on Sergio as well.
I think Pep is the greatest manager we will ever have but this defeat was down to him. The players didn't play well but Pep is responsible for preparing them. The full truth will eventually come out.
With the same formation and structure as the PSG match we would almost certainly have won.
Pep's behaviour in the run-up to the game was also very strange. Swearing on TV and then sobbing about Sergio. Even by his standards he seemed very intense and I believe this transmitted to the players.
That said you can't underestimate how much pressure Pep and his whole team have been under this last season with Covid, personal bereavement, the volume of games, injuries, the FFP case etc etc.
The whole club has performed magnificently to win the Premier League while other teams imploded under the pressure. But in the end it was just too much. I don't blame people like Bernardo for wanting a move. Sometimes you just need a change. Shit happens. Roll on next season.
Okay it was a poor Latvian side but watching Gundog string things together in the last third the other night just added salt to the wounds....


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15 Jul 2013
The players are supposed to be professional, I cannot accept a player sprouting off in the press its certainly unprofessional and not good for City. Its not acceptable and I fear that he possibly wants to leave now Barca have come sniffing. No one should accept these kind of comments, its damaging and undermining everyone.


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4 Feb 2010
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No time for Gundogan throwing his manager under the bus in public. Yes Pep got it wrong but some of the individual performances on the night were diabolical. Let's remember this guy has been garbage for most of his time at City
Has he fuck, he was played too far back, since pep played him differently he has been brilliant , that was this season, the seasons before were pretty good too



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11 Aug 2008
Pep played 11 players who were capable of winning the game, and probably should have won, but for whatever reason we were below par, we didnt play as well as we should on the night and I am as gutted as anyone, but to say this was all Peps fault is poor. If we had played with a DM then we might have won who knows, if we had done this and done that who knows, wecould have got hammered who knows. The culture is that when we get beat in Europe its Peps fault. There were 11 players on the field each one of them great players in there own right, who was our best player on the night, i cannot name one, why did this happen I dont know, were the celebrations the week before a factor, i dont know, but what I will say is that I dont blame Pep, we just didnt perform and its hard to take but Football.
Should have won, based upon what? Sense of entitlement? We certainly didn't play well enough to have won, and we should not have been feeling much self-entitlement having lost the previous two encounters.


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1 Jun 2021
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Chelsea. I am not a gloating tw@t! I've read quite a bit of your post-match thread and wanted to share some insight from our CL losses etc.
I've got huge sympathy for how City fans are feeling atm, having gotten closer than ever but not quite made it. Chelsea fans have been there and felt that exact pain. Your time will come. City are now a huge club who will go again.

What I don't have sympathy for is the OTT criticism of one of the greatest managers of the modern era. A manager who has delivered three Prem titles in the last four years. A manager who could reasonably ask the English FA to rename the League Cup the Guardiola Cup.

Jeez lads. The sense of entitlement here is a bit embarrassing tbh. As a fan base it seems that some of you are becoming like Real Madrid fans, where their sense of entitlement has them waving little white hankies in the air if their team lose a game.

I've read some shocking stuff here in recent days. One post alluded that City players weren't trying their best ffs!

Don't lose your identity lads. Part of what should make City great, imho, is where you've come from. Years and years of having to endure the neighbours. Your journey should make you so much more humble than them.

‘I think it’s a little bit unfair sometimes when as soon as Manchester City don’t win then it’s tactics or maybe players on the pitch, but we needed to do more and it’s as simple as that. I don’t think we created enough in the game and I don’t think I’m speaking out of turn by saying that, I think everyone could tell on the pitch.’

Kyle Walker

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