Champions League QF Draw - Lyon


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8 Dec 2008
Nothing announced so far, but today is supposed to be the day UEFA decide whether fans can attend the final. Not sure if that means they'll make an announcement today, but Ceferin said 9th July (today) is their self imposed deadline to allow their staff to plan the event with or without supporters. I suppose they could make the announcement alongside the draw tomorrow.

Bit of a jump in cases yesterday in Portugal (I think in the north rather than in Lisbon but not 100% - my Portuguese is not great), but there were "only" 2 deaths in total. They've averaged below 5 deaths each day for over a month now.

I'm still hopeful.


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13 May 2011
Reality is we now have potentially 2 important games before this game. All our focus on beating Arsenal in the SF next saturday and then finish the league of strong and sets us up nicely for an FA cup final and the CL. Key now is no critical injuries to the likes of KDB, Laporte, Sterling, Mahrez, Jesus etc. Hopefully gives the likes of Tommy Doyle and maybe Braaf a few games and keeps those others fresh and ready.

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