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I've said this before and got shit on, as it's almost sacrilegious to criticise Pep and suggest that he's playing favourites. Don't get me wrong, Alvarez has played well this whole season, and I like him, but for nearly two months previously, he wasn't playing well and consistently maintained his position. He isn't held to the high standard that Bobb, Palmer, Foden, etc., are/were—just my two cents.
Not this shit again ffs
The same system as the Stamford Bridge game with Kev and Ake starting rather than Bernie and Josko, we'll see if this will be a different game.
In short, I feel Alvarez playing central makes us worse offensively and defensively. And simultaneously means Phil on the wing.

Rodri will be exposed and overworked in midfield. Akanji is intelligent but doesn't have the composure or passing range to step into DM. Doku will have a few turnovers with no Kovacic or Bernardo to press against a counter attack. Basically I expect us to dominate but be very susceptible to counter attacks.
We’ll see
Im going for a 4:2 win, Palmer and Sterling for Chelsea obvioulsy. I also fully expect us to go behind twice befor turning the screw
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