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Yes. That wanker Shearer trying to say he could have made changes. Thank fuck he didn't in spite of loads here screaming for all the kids to play. As he said himself he did that against Liverpool and we were 3-0 down at the break.
What a fucking weapon Shearer is with his comment “You could have played another team” the glib prick. If Pep had, he would have been the first to accuse City of disrespecting the FA cup and giving an advantage to Chelsea!
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We rode our luck today , some great goalkeeping and character and courage got us through , KDB was the epitome of the team , 97th minute and he is chasing the ball into the corner flag , maybe his 6 month lay off is now paying dividends. He looks hungry and could be the man to carry us to another couple of trophies , we had better make room for another statue.
As the Madrid game showed the other day, in knock out competition its not how you play its just about getting the job done. Ortega brilliant. Doku brilliant when he came on! Buzzing for Bernardo shit pen the other night and poor today, but been one of our best players since joining 7 years ago and one of our best ever!!
Well I didn't expect that especially after Wednesday and the lousy scheduling. Proud of them, not the best watch, but understandable after midweek.

I have been saying for weeks we were set up with the scheduling of that game, thank you Pep for calling it out on national TV.

Proud of them x
Been a good day today, into the final and it doesn't matter about Arsenal as the league is in our own hands.

Any trophy is a celebration to me, with no thoughts in the back of my head regarding the European Cup, as we won it already. In the past I always had that thought in the back of my head every time we won a trophy, but when we finally won it, it doesn't matter. Every trophy lift I will celebrate without that background thought.

Still, we have to win the final, but for now everything is in our own hands.
So my (ex) mate, who's been to the desspit about 2 times in in life and is now a devotee of FC Pallet shed sends me this after the match. I was fucking incensed to the point of calling him a name we're not allowed to use in here. He's fuckin dead to me! Some **** regurgitates some Charity sheild game or maybe a semi from past and this **** thinks its funny and legit to send on. Sorry, but this thing boils my blood and the **** is now dead to me. Absolutely fucking fuming! CUNTS!!!!


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