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I know I go on like a broken record talking about how good Manuel Akanji is, Again today he was fucking sublime. To be given thar midfield role by Pep and take it on like he has is fucking unbelievable.

£15m has to be the greatest steal of all time. The so called "Best Centre Back Of All Time" Van Dijk...Imagine him trying to do what Akanji does! Not a fucking hope. He wouldn't lace his boots, Plus Manu would fuck him about like a rag doll.
Yeah mate an unsung hero ? The other thing I've noticed about him is his stamina/fitness - whilst some of our lads looked jaded today he was everywhere and full of energy
Could have been game over at HT.

It wasn't and so we dug in, rode our luck, scored and then managed the game out.

Eez football as Bobby Manc used to say. We've been on the wrong end of plenty but thankfully today we weren't.
Today was a real Madrid game
But it went our way
Well done the greatest city that's ever been
So my (ex) mate, who's been to the desspit about 2 times in in life and is now a devotee of FC Pallet shed sends me this after the match. I was fucking incensed to the point of calling him a name we're not allowed to use in here. He's fuckin dead to me! Some **** regurgitates some Charity sheild game or maybe a semi from past and this **** thinks its funny and legit to send on. Sorry, but this thing boils my blood and the **** is now dead to me. Absolutely fucking fuming! CUNTS!!!!
Since when did Chelsea play in red?
How on earth did Pep get this starting 11 on the pitch in the first place should have been the first question by Gary Lineker, Every one of the City players could have said NO I am not feeling well enough and I need a rest,
I would take the whole Squad to Abu Dhabi in the morning for some sun and rest and good food and fly back on Wednesday,

The only thing worth talking about was the result, not the stats, 1.0 to City who now play in the final

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