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12 May 2011
Tbf, on the stream I was watching, the Cheltenham chairman was being interviewed at halftime and he did express gratitude for those that had bought virtual tickets. He went out of his way to mention the City fans who had contributed.
As a matter of interest was this an American stream? I watched the bbc today but I often watch the US stream and even though they use English commentators and pundits they are embarrassingly balanced compared to the raggy dippery rubbish we are subjected to here.


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6 Jul 2009
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the city fans wanting foden playing at 17 was being lead by the media just like the sancho army
but foden was not good enough or ready for premier league football just like sancho was not

the german league is no where near the same level as premier league and sancho looked a good player in the first couple of seasons. but i think he as level off a bit and can he reach the next levels foden at right now ?? yes its a hard call but pep is the right manager to call it and stand by what ever he says. if you don't listen and learn from pep advice then like sancho you are gone and moved out

would be good to keep a eye on both over the next 10 years and see and judge what they both have won at club levels
Phil should probably have played more often than he has. But he shouldn’t have played anywhere near as often as the media want him to. On balance I would prefer him not to be another Wilshere, Rooney, Gascoigne or Owen, washed up and burned out before he’s 30

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20 Feb 2008
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I've been saying it for quite a while and it was a surprise to hear Shearer also make the comparison.

Foden is the closest thing I have seen to Gascoigne in any player.

Both had incredible natural talent, glided either way past players, received the ball on the half turn, although Phil has a keener eye for goal inside the penalty box.

Coupled without the demons and fitness issues Gazza always had, that makes Phil destined for a small group of players confined to maybe four or five in the world in the years to come.

He's blooming and you can see it coursing through his veins. There was one guy on that pitch for us yesterday who refused to accept us being knocked out.

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