City beat Fluminense and are crowned World Club Champions

I suppose there arguement is any european side will be 5 x better than any other federation club side due to resources. Prem league the wealth is there for everyone one of the 20 to put a decent team out so your bound to lose a good few. Most of the prem would have beaten the two we played but only one was good enough to have tge chance to prove it..UTB...(This comp should be scrapped mind you...a bit pointless)
It’s the last one in this format as you probably know. I can see it getting bigger and better especially with it being a summer competition and only once every 4 years,and maybe even over take the international World Cup
look a little further than the game, we picked up 9 million winners money, shirt sales in Asia and South America will hit the roof, sponsors will be drooling to have there name connected with the club,so that 9 million could well incresse 5 fold if not more,this competition will be bigger than the CL give it a few years so it was important we have our name among the winners
Finally we have some money to buy isco and kaka.
"There you go City fans, you won, now goodnight"

TNT Sports
I was shocked at how abruptly it all ended. No City legends for after match analysis, no post-match City interviews. Fuck all in fact.

To be fair though, I tuned into the OS afterwards, & they'd packed up & fucked off home soon after the final whistle too!

Then I tuned into SSN. They mentioned our win as the fourth item in the headlines, then took 12 minutes to get to it.

Being honest, until yesterday I wasn't feeling this competition either. However, I soon reasoned that we're here, win, lose or draw anyway, so we might as well go for it & add it to 2023's collection.

Perhaps that level of malaise over the CWC continued with "neutrals" after our "expected" win? Would the media interest have been different if we'd lost?

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