City beat Fluminense and are crowned World Club Champions

Saw the game eventually on FIFA+ and was pleasantly pleased with the non biased commentary. It occurred to me that the differ between this commentary and the **** we get from Sky and TNT is that this guy was on his own and doing just the commentating. We were not subjected to his views on what they had for supper or anything else. It was refreshing. Get the commentators on their own as they did in the past….days of Brian Moore, David Coleman et al
I wouldn't mind if they commentated. It's just wittering. Motson spent ages studying teams so he could identify players instantly. Goodness knows what anyone with sight problems makes of it as you wouldn't even know if the ball was in play or which team had possession let alone what any player was actually doing.
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It’s the last one in this format as you probably know. I can see it getting bigger and better especially with it being a summer competition and only once every 4 years,and maybe even over take the international World Cup
Once every four years? Now that'll make the CWC more interesting.

No more mid-season bollocks interruptions.

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