City Treble documentary | Club sell rights to Netflix for seven figure sum | To be aired in April (p5)

I enjoyed it, gave a little look behind the scenes, showed how Pep is as a man manager and how he learns from his previous errors. Also showed as others have said how savvy the "Team" behind the football squad are. Would love more in depth on Pep's methods but do you really want to share that publically? Anyway here is hoping that they have reason to do another one at the end of this season
Binged watched the last three last night. Will admit to some unknown waterworks on my face at those Istanbul scenes. Great (nicely polished) insight into the personalities of some of the boys; Kev, Erl, Bernie, Rodri, Manu, Jack, Phil and Rico - less on Stones, Edi, Kyle (maybe for good reason) and if I was Laporte, Gomez, Philips or Palmer, I would have got my coat, if I hadn't already. My god have we missed Gundo this season.

Fav bits were Ruban and Kyle's team talks, just seeing what a joy of a person Haarland seems to be, and the Hippo v Crocodile debate. Loved seeing Ferna and Sergio in Istanbul and what it meant to Pep.

We really are a machine with nothing left to chance or a lack of investment (for good or bad) - no only major gripe was the total lack of any fan voice. We were left to provide a soundtrack or hold blue flares outside the Etihad. The only time it got close was in Istanbul before the game. I liked it when Pep spoke about the sacrifice of the fans when we lost at Southampton, but that was it.

Final irritation - a few times after Bernie and Phil scored at home, when there was footage of them sliding/running to celebrate with the fans - the amount of tourists with their half and halfs and recording it all on iPhone's was frankly embarrassing....well I suppose at least they hadn't left early...
Just watched the first three episodes.
Loved the little featurettes with Rico and Jack with Finlay.
I understand others observations but this is a very powerful marketing tool. A lot of focus on Pep and The Viking as they are two of our World wide assets.
Just so proud to be a City fan and love this club.
Same here, up to ep 3.
The part I have liked most was the team talking at half time discussing what the opposition are doing and taking advantage of it. Amazing team, amazing group of players, they deserve more spotlight. But the rest of the PL just cry.
3 episodes in and it is flatter than the previous Amazon series and Blue Moon Rising. Shiny. Obviously, looking forward to how it ends, but that being said I might turn it off after 75% watched.

"It is the first time in six months that I have seen my team like that and I was disappointed," Clement said.

"It was an off-day. But I think every manager has moments like that, even with teams that win amazing things.

"I have been watching the series of Manchester City's Treble last year and I saw quite a few of those moments. It doesn't mean that I want to see it back on Wednesday [against Dundee] of course but it is part of the game.”
I loved the Kyle Walker speech before the Inter game. After not being picked for the starting 11 he could have spat his dummy out and acted like a slapped arse but he chose to rouse the troops with a great speech and begged them to win.
I thought that too. After what he did to Madrid in that second leg, you would have thought he had every right to a starting place but to take it like he did shows the quality of the mentality in that dressing room. We all know that Kyle can be a dick in certain situations but that action showed humility and leadership, qualities I must admit, I never knew he had.
We've just beaten Arsenal at The Emirates, is where I'm up to..what a win that was. Watching it back, some of the football was brilliant wasn't it!
The personal bits are quite good, Grealish with his little mate Finlay, Bernie naming his dog after John Stones and KDB being not bothered about looking 'trendy' because he's got 3 young kids who wake up at 5.30am.
Pep is a bit intense isn't he! He is so passionate and that level of enthusiasm must be infectious.
He wasn't happy after the defeat to Southampton was he, I was expecting him make them all do 'lines' (old school terminology, literally! and not the type that many City fans apparently do off the top of the toilet cisterns !)
Pep's comment about the fans that came to watch that match not being able to afford their heating bills was certainly meant to 'cut to the bone'. Sadly, there are many in this country who can't ,which is very wrong.
Maybe he was talking generally and was really doing a guilt trip thing, but I would imagine in this particular instance those that are able to travel hundreds of miles to watch a game midweek probably don't come into that bracket though!
Looking at it objectively, I guess a season with more ups and downs arguably could be more interesting as you see both sides.
One on the Gillingham season had they made one would have been essential viewing for me .Someone above mentioned Blue Moon Rising above, that was about 2009/10 wasn't it (a season that felt so close but still so far in some ways!)never seen that one, need to check that one out.
Having said all the above they really couldn't not make one on our fantastic achievements last season could they!
I like the bits of respect we shown - Kompanys Burnley. Kalvin Phillips being included in it quite a lot.
Also the little digs, at bayern and their fans, at utd, at some refs decisions, cancelo nearly completely cut out of it all. I'm sure there's more we've only done 4 episodes so far. But I think it's good for showing who City do and don't respect, who hated us and who we liked.

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