City Vs QPR The Final Game In match Thread

Cheers Damo. First time I've read this thread. It gave me tingles remembering the emotions of the day.
Reading the comments being made as it all unfolded before us, simply priceless. The best laugh I've had for ages
Five years on and still can't quite believe what happened in those last 5 minutes. It would be great to think that we could experience another such moment in the future but it is gonna have to be something incredible to compete with never know...last minute CL winner perhaps....haha!!!.
Love it, the anger and despair actually helps make the thread when you know the turnaround is coming.

It's weird because in the ground I never got that 'it's all over' feeling, partly because I never looked at the clock but partly because I felt if we got 1 we could get another. Not saying everyone felt that, I had to get my brother to stand up as he was sat down with his head in his hands this was about a minute before Dzeko scored.
I was at the ground on the day and I have never ever and probably never ever will experience such a huge ans massive swing of emotion. When Dzeko scored the equaliser I was anty I cried, the fact we'd got so close and we're going to lose it to the vermin brought me to sobbing tears. But when that move started I had hope, Aguero to Ballotelli back to Aguero. I swear the stadium was silent for that moment. The moment he hit the shot we were sat in the East stand level 2 level with the 18 yard line and I heard the ball hit the back of the nylon net. I looked to linesman expecting a flag, there was no flag. I absolutely exploded, more tears, uncontrollable weeping.

You know what I'm having goose pimples and there's something in my whilst I'm writing this.

As the much maligned (justifiably) Martyn Tyler said "Drink it in, you'll never see anything like thus again" and you what.... he was bang on, on this occasion!
Everything about that day was surreal.

I too was at the game so didn't ever really get a good look at this thread. Thanks for linking it again.

Took a long time to feel real. Without a doubt, one of the most special moments of my life.
Before Aguero scored it was looking like one of the worst days of my life and I'm now 53, both parents not with me anymore, yes it was that bad.
When your first game was 1974 I can honestly say I've seen some shit at City, if we hadn't won the league thst year fuck knows what I would have done
A few minutes before the board at Wembley Play-Off final my mate said "this club is fucked" when the board went up he said "5 mins unbelievable we can do this" that thought crossed my mind at the Etihad, so when the board went up with 5 mins added time I turned to those around me and said well there's an omen, same as the play-off at Wembley. Afterwards my son told me when I said that he thought "tw*t"

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