City Vs QPR The Final Game Post match Thread

MrChicago said:
hertsblue said:
Sounds like Sunderland fans cheered when we scored to win it.
Video of it hitting home to Utd

<a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
Click on "The moment City won the title"

And watch UTD fans and players in disbelief


More hahahahahahaha's!

Not seen the beeb commentary until now!

'Manchester u****d have LOST the league'


Happy Anniversary darlings!!!
4:54pm, 1 month ago to the day Aguero had scored... it's 4:58pm now so the Etihad was in a state of chaotic jubilation.
LittleStan said:
Remember your times
Remember today as the day that City came back.

Was it really only this January that the rag twats were singing "City Are Back" in mockery after the fornicators cheated their way to a 0-3 half time lead in the cup. They have moved lock, stock and barrel back to time warp circa 1994. This is because they are massive twunts who can now give us all their trophies.

Mesut said:
When you had this crisis some weeks ago, everybody came here killing Mancini and the players. You had a couple of good games and Mancini was again great...Today after losing you will show again that you are not loyal fans. You will kill the manager and the players again. After that investment to lose like that the competition is a terrible failure..
oh you bellend.
Bumping. Just reread some of the thread. Still can't believe that day. Amazing.


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