Complaint to BBC regarding Pete the Badge

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Prestwich_Blue, 7 Feb 2017.

  1. Lucky Toma

    Lucky Toma

    29 Jan 2010
    Just when I thought I was out...they pulled me bac
    I included in the piece a caveat that I had debated long and hard about whether to touch on the possibility of any mental condition so I don't necessarily disagree with your viewpoint Guy Debord. However I would like to say my side of it.

    Earlier in this thread a poster insisted that Pete once informed his child that he suffers from a form of Asperger's. Elsewhere several other posters mention a learning difficulty.

    These claims are by no means factual which is why I said they were 'unverified reports'. The reason I included such 'speculation' (and I am certainly not in the habit of speculating to anyone's mental condition, least of all a Blue) is because in this particular instance its possibility IS pertinent to the BBC's mockery of the man. It potentially is part of the story.

    That assertion is based entirely on fact and, more so, the most factual source a writer can possibly have - my own personal experiences.

    I have run social media pages for a number of different companies ranging from Puma to clothing sites who request that I 'bantz' with fans to boost interaction.

    None of these pages would have permitted me to run with this post and it has precisely nothing to do with the use of 'Bertie'.

    Apologies if this is indelicate - and this is absolutely no judgement of Pete in any way, shape or form - but with only a photograph to go on of a man dressed entirely in blue, with a plethora of badges, and carrying City paraphernalia the suggestion would be that the man is eccentric or possibly more than eccentric. And all six companies I have worked for would definitely err on the side of caution here and forbid any post that could be construed as mockery.

    This is the BBC who did this. The BBC!
  2. City Raider

    City Raider

    14 Jul 2008
    follow me I'm right behind you
    I exchange the odd tweet with a sports editor at the bbc and ex sports web editor so thought I'd share Toma's excellent article with him. His reply:

    I'm well aware. It was poor from us. Unacceptable. Won't happen again. But it wasn't done in spite.

    A couple of things. Only the person who did it knows if it was spiteful so not taking his reply as gospel but what is clear is that this has created a bit of a shit storm for them..

    And in response to those who are embarrassed by our escalation, it is also clear the BBC know they are in the wrong. Why should anyone be embarrassed apart from them?
  3. casualdeyna


    24 Aug 2010
    I wish these people who feel the need to tell others to "grow a pair" and ignore it etc, would politely keep their opinions to themselves, what are you trying to achieve but cause arguments?

    I have ignored all the nonsense I've seen and heard for ten years now. I've stopped buying the sun, the mirror, the mail etc. stopped paying for BT Sport etc. stopped following companies on twitter etc. Almost shunned all sports news now because of getting sick of hearing us slagged off. Where does it effing end?

    I don't want everything I see or read to say "Isn't everything Manchester City fantastic" I just expect the same coverage every other effing team gets!!

    I would pay for BT sport if we got fair coverage, I would buy newspapers for quick reads and catch up on the sports if we got fair coverage. We don't. So I don't buy them.

    But when that includes your local newspaper and national broadcaster, it does seem to be getting a little bit silly. Lets all bury our heads in the sand and say "It comes with the territory" even though the media darlings don't get the same treatment.

    Well done Lucky Toma, top article and well done PB and others for rightly raising this so highly. This is the tip of the iceberg. I'm sick and tired of having our seats counted, our club mocked at every turn, by anyone and everyone that isn't the official City website. Surely it isn't too much to ask for auntie beeb to be impartial, not slag off individual fans FFS.
  4. Orpheus


    4 Aug 2016
    A bit of sense LT and City Raider, good stuff.
  5. squirtyflower


    30 Mar 2009
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    My thoughts exactly
    If this is evidence of the quality of his three posts a year I wouldn't bother with the remaining year if I was him
  6. I'd agree that it's entirely relevant in this instance
  7. guy debord

    guy debord

    15 Mar 2010
    So let me get this straight, unless you are a regular poster you're not welcome to post unless you agree with the majority view?
    If that's the case what the fuck is the point of having a forum?
  8. GortonBlue62


    26 Nov 2015
    His post count is irrelevant.

    The only relevant thing is the substance of his post.

    And the substance of his post is spot on. Much more eloquently stated than my 'grow a pair...' several pages earlier.
  9. manchester blue

    manchester blue

    7 May 2008
    It's neither mate. Have a read of the posts and you'll get the gist of why people have called out the BBC on this. Nobody, yet nobody has taken offence. The fact is that the BBC should be above this kind of thing. The fact they're not and the fact they have told lie after lie in their correspondence is just not acceptable. People just want a true acknowledgement of how it happened, we all know; it's just the BBC think we're all as stupid as their Assistant Complaints Manager.

    And as someone who's always argued that post counts should not be displayed on the forum I agree that your post count is irrelevant and you are entitled to your opinion. Even though it's wrong!!
  10. Churchlawtonblue


    3 Dec 2013
    Couldn't agree more.

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