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29 Apr 2008
Because certain sections of our communities aren’t doing what they are told and are causing rises, we all know who they are but they are fucking frightened to death of saying it, oh and it’s Eid tomorrow as well!
While there is clearly a cultural problem and certain areas with higher BAME populations have been hit quite badly, it's totally disingenuous to say its only that. Go to any pub and you'll see absolutely loads of groups of mates, who aren't of the BAME demographic, and definitely aren't from the same household, all together out drinking. That is still against the rules, but we all act like it's okay. It literally isn't in the rules. Yes, large parts of the Asian community may be meeting up in households in Rochdale or whatever, but most weekends groups of 6-8 white mates are meeting at a restaurants and hugging and laughing all sat on the same table. That's gonna spread it too.

Edit - I went here with my missus for dinner on Sunday. Mainly white, hipster kinda crowd. Ages between 20-50 i'd say. We were amazed how many large groups had just met up drinking together.

Zoom in to any of those photos. Groups *everywhere*. All leaning in cos the music was loud, all sat together for hours talking right at each other. It'll have the exact same affect.


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6 Aug 2010
Fuck all to do with it. If you go out, be it shopping, pub, whatever the place you go there are social distancing rules in place. Face masks, 2m apart, deep cleaning etc etc.

It would appear that when you are at home this is not happening leading to groups of people meeting indoors. My neighbour does it. My best mate has had people round all the time and he's 60 and type 2.

This is what it's aimed at. Not hard to understand really.
Not in oldham they ain’t loads without face masks, social distancing gone by the wayside, it’s a farce. Shops should say no face mask no entry, but I talked to one guy and they said they are terrified of turning people away cause they could get sued for discrimination as if you have a medical condition you don’t and they will just say that.


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4 Feb 2010
Between zen and mad
If that’s the case why haven't they shut the pubs and restaurants then is no one can go in?

Would like to see the full government statement on this before believing this tweet.
I have the news on and they haven't said anything about about pubs or bars just separate households meeting indoors,i am sure it just means that you can't meet up in people's houses again,a step back to talking to families outside ,indoors you can't /won't stay apart,you want to hug and all sit on top of each other and not distance,you don't do that with strangers


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7 Dec 2013
So are the pubs closed or not?

Can me and the Mrs meet our friends in the pub Saturday?


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12 May 2013
The boundary of greater Manchester, is pretty clear.
They mean the 10 boroughs of GM - nearly all of whom have been rising for days and are the biggest reason why the North West had a record number of cases today and ONE QUARTER of the entire cases found in Britain.

I said on here a day or two ago I hope someone is reading these figures I was posting who is able to act. Thankfully they were.

Nobody who has followed this thread over recent days should be shocked.

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