COVID-19 — Coronavirus


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4 Feb 2010
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Does anyone really think doing something so minor will actually stop the spread significantly, or is it just a scare tactic to get people in those areas to take things more seriously? As I really can't imagine people meeting up in others houses it the sole reason for the virus spreading significantly
After hospitals and care homes families meeting up indoors was the next highest spreader,this is what will happen in the winter when everyone is indoors because of the weather,it is keeping people apart that stops the virus from spreading,once people are close indoors with their germs it is easy,i think people should prepare for the winter of they think this is bad


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29 Apr 2008
It’s clearly not only that, but Some areas - Oldham/ longsight for instance there’s little to no social distancing going on. Yes there are groups of ‘white lads‘ going to the pub and hugging, but it’s not large numbers of the community.

a lot of pubs aren’t packed to the rafters either and most of the week, especially in town they are empty. I get your trying to show the other side, but the main spread of the virus seems to be clearly in largely Asian communities - Bradford, Blackburn & Oldham hit particularly bad
yeah im not denying there is clearly a problem in the Asian communities. Just no doubt that lots of the people i've seen break the rules, including people i know who are intelligent enough to know better, will probably end up pointing the fingers at other areas too while not being aware of their own hypocrisy...

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10 Feb 2014
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it really isn’t . Lots of healthy under 60s have not died of Covid.
People die.

Road accidents
Drug overdose

publish all the stats . How many people under 60 have died of

Covid relative to the others ?

is it 10x more ?
You’re quite right. If you’re under 65 your absolute risk of dying from COVID-19 was the same as driving 141 miles every day. That was based on June data so the mileage will have gone up by now.

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