Cristiano Ronaldo

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29 Jan 2014
4 of those players had release clauses which we paid
Sane we made a profit and KDB is now priceless
Not Saying it wasn't good business, and I understand they have to do everything in their power to try and get the best deal for the club. Just seems like sometimes we corner ourselves into positions due to protracted negotiations. It was honestly a godsend that Dias worked out the way he did after Koulibaly fell through last year.


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27 Aug 2010
let's be brutally honest here - we don't have any more bluffs to tell. this is the price you pay for spending the entire window on one player without preparing a contingency plan. no one is buying the "we are happy with our squad" narrative - you are not, or you wouldn't be chasing two strikers. 25m is the price you pay for not preparing an alternative earlier in the window - i'm sorry, it just is.
No contingency plan, sorry but your having a laugh!

Kane is one the best strikers in world football.

When you are bidding at the top table for the best, there are very few players that fall into the contingency category other than Mbappe (who won't come) or Haaland (unlikely to move this year).

The contingency plans will have been in place, either a move for an up and coming striker like Aguero when we signed him, or someone at the end of his career like Ronaldo, Lewandoski, etc. United did it with Cavani.


14 Jun 2010
I thought we knew Ronaldo was willing to agree a deal? It's Juve that's the hold up.

Fwiw though, the fact they're already getting Kean in suggests that they're prepared for an outgoing deal in the forward position..
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