David Beckham

Might be a bit controversial on here but I neither like or dislike him, but his woman of a wife I hate her she is a talentless ugly cow its all about her.
As you where

I hate the self-promoting twat. Where ever theres a camera you’ll find that twat trying to jump in front of it.
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He's always reminded me of the slightly backward kid at school: they never have friends, just classmates that either pity him or are curious about him. Either way they pretend they like him because they know they will get approving looks from the teacher. But once these 'mates' go home to real friends and family they will be taking the piss something awful out of the backward kid.

Beckscum is, was, and always will be a slightly below-average player with an eye for a free kick/penalty and an even better eye for self-promotion

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