David Beckham

We watched the first two episodes last night.
I'd forgotten how thick he is, to be honest. Not an unlikeable person (plenty in that team who were much worse) but strangely thick. Not a great player either, but a great crosser of the ball.

His wife has never bothered me either, and I do think her fashion designing stuff was really good.

Both have had subtle cosmetic surgery, but I guess that's the world they now live in.

Anyway, after 2 hours of The Beckhams we were both bored and went to bed.
"Time for bed" said Zebedee !!
He must be paying some hefty cash to these tv directors to keep getting picked-out at these events like the cricket.
Never had a problem with him, other than when he played for the Rags. Obviously never a favorite, but far, far from the worst player-person-personality. Tbh, find his oldest son to be the biggest twat in the family, but cashing in on a family name is de rigeur, isn’t it?

I actually enjoyed the Netflix series and the abuse he got for the Argie red card went waaaay overboard, as always with anything to do with the English media grabbing a narrative.

OK, back to the blue-tinted specs…he’s a twat and his wife is a duckface! Satisfied?

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