De Bruyne?

So no announcement today then, Tolm?

Don't understand why we'd wait for Wolfsburg to announce their transfer business first, though?

If it was the price to finally get them to push this through it was worth it.

Pretty obvious that 90% of the delays have been them appeasing their fans so they had to have some sugar to offer with the medicine.

No problem with letting them do that, surely?

Because nobody outside the two clubs know the actual real fee.

Wolfsburg can use that to their advantage in negotiations for players coming in.
How would anyone find out the true figures outside the clubs anyway? It will be announced as undisclosed in the region of 50-58m
Just read an article in Goal about us potentially playing De Bruyne in a deep lying central midfielder role.. Maybe he is the heir to Yaya Toure.. I am interested to see if we actually play him in that position anytime soon

I read a similar thing - he's said himself he can play as a deep lying playmaker next to a destroyer.

Would be interesting to see him replace Yaya there when the big guy is getting leggy. Nasri and Navas replace him in the 3 behind the striker, they've been more than good enough so far so it's not like we'd be weakening the team.

Not sure he has the physical presence to do the job full time in a midfield 2, but maybe if we moved to 433?
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How would anyone find out the true figures outside the clubs anyway? It will be announced as undisclosed in the region of 50-58m

Not sure the figure is as high as some of the reports being suggested.

Wolfsburg were in for a couple of players last night and simply asked us to hang fire as they were also bartering.

KDB was always heading back out with international week.

Who cares, City waited this long.

The ink is now dry and that is all that matters.
Yeah. We have clearly have hung fire to allow Wolfsburg time before KDB inflation hits the value of their transfer targets.

Perhaps in return for this favour they took a slightly lower figure and if so that would be great negotiating. When its announced matters way less than it getting done. It is and that is the only thing that counts whether we gained anything by letting Wolfsburg do this or were just showing class as Tolmie says.

Word of that small favour might get around football and is worth it because clubs might recall it during future deals.
No need to worry, some problem with the fee but the deal will go through on Tuesday morning after Mansour has been down to Cash covertors to pawn a few bits and pieces to cover the shortfall.

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