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  1. krswanny


    20 Sep 2008
    I remember an interview with Andy Morrison and he was asked what he would of done if he was on the pitch that day. He replied that both teams would have been down to ten men :)
  2. dave_blue12


    1 Sep 2008
    Enjoying the ride
    Interesting !

    I think this guy would be great for us

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  3. bellbuzzer


    6 Jan 2009
    wondering where it all went wrong
    big man up front...........lump it to..... fat sam..... stoke.... the cliches just pop up every time. There are times when sheer size is a factor, but nearly always it's "instinct" that makes a "natural", as long as speed and upper-body strength are adequate then "small" is not a problem. Can even be an advantage in the chaos of the penalty area.....
    I could never envisage someone like Pep shunning a forward just on size; if he thinks beneath the brawn there is brain then it's down to all the other things that are involved in a modern tranfer....
  4. Colin Bells Boots

    Colin Bells Boots

    31 May 2016
    He used Lewendoski at Bayern , so not totally averse .
  5. dave_blue12


    1 Sep 2008
    Enjoying the ride
    Stolen from Rag central

    I'm a Molde supporter who's been following Braut closely since he arrived at our club at age 16. I've watched just about every minute of senior football he has played in his career.
    Even bought a subscription for Austrian Bundesliga to follow him there.

    First the stats:
    Since 2018 he has scored 56 goals, plus 13 assists in all competitions.
    (Austrian league+cup, Norwegian league+ cup, Europa League qualification, Champions league, Norway, Norway u21/u20/u19).
    About 4000 minutes played. Goal every 71 minutes. Goal or assist every 57 minutes.

    This season alone he has scored 22, plus 6 assists for his club (Austrian league, cup and Champions League) in 1042 minutes.
    Goal every 47. minute. Goal or assist every 37 minutes (!).

    Insane numbers, even if most of the goals are from smaller leagues. Especially considering these numbers where achieved while Braut was aged 17 to 19.
    But lets forget about his stats, because his skills are just as impressive.

    You've all seen his huge frame. 194 cm and strong as a bull. Koulibaly (the Napoli defender known for his physical strength) was out-muscled last week when RBS played Napoli.
    Unreal strength for a kid that turned 19 a couple of months ago.

    I saw someone in this thread claiming he's got decent speed. Wrong. He is lightning fast. (Check out his 36 km/h run:
    Combine his extreme pace with his superior strength, and you got an unstoppable freight train, tearing through the oppositions defense (as seen in the twitter link above).

    Luckily for Braut, his movement is world class. His runs in behind the defense lines are always timed to perfection,
    and combined with his pace and strengt, he has got himself a lethal combination.
    His movement inside the box is also impressive. He finds the right position, and again, with his superior streng and size, is really difficult to defend against.
    So: a low defensive line- he will outsmart you in the box. A high pressing defense- he will outrun you.

    Finishing: Excellent. Was pretty wild in front of goal when he first arrived at Molde, but made huge progress under the guidance of Ole, and he's now got great composure.
    Prefers the left foot, but also got a solid shot in his right foot.

    Technical skills: He might look a bit clumsy with those long legs, but his technique is surprisingly efficient. Has made huge improvement since he arrived at Molde, when he looked very rough and had a Lukaku-ish first touch. Much better now. He is no Messi, but he keeps improving his technical skills, and it's not something that is holding his game back.

    Heading: Surprisingly, given his height and strength, he is pretty average in the air. Timing issue. With his explosiveness, smart movement in the box and his size, he really should have the potential to be world class in the air, and I know its something he has been working a lot on to improve.

    And hey, as a bonus for this United team: His penalties are great.

    Surprised to see many of you guys labeling him a poacher. He can be that too, but belive me, his skill set and playing style goes far beyond a classic poacher.
    He will be banging in goals for one of the giant clubs for the next 15 years. RB Salzburg is his stepping stone club, next club WILL BE one of the giants.
    Solskjær is the magic ticket for getting Braut to Man Utd. He has talked a lot of his good relationship with Ole, and still calls Ole for advice. This means you actually have a good chance of signing him. But if you sit on the fence, he will be out of your league once the summer window has passed. You'll be beating your head against a wall for the next decade if you don't make en effort to sign him up. He is the real deal.

    Well, that was my take on Braut. Here is good and accurate scout report, if you don't trust the words of a somewhat biased (?) Molde fan:
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  6. Falcao


    7 Jan 2015
    Team supported:
  7. Franknorgrovesnephew


    5 Nov 2016
    This kid looks a great player that's for sure but would he fit in at city that's the question..
  8. WallyA


    22 Dec 2016
    When Aguero leaves he would be given time to adapt.

    He should be our number 1 target. If we had more money to spend on one player (we wouldn't) I would get Lautaro Martinez from Inter, basically the next Aguero.

    And if we had even more money for 1 player... then Mbappe.
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  9. blue aura

    blue aura

    20 May 2012
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  10. Bpughh


    14 Jul 2013
    Richmond VA
    i think he would be a great buy. loan him until aguero hangs up his boots and he's a very different option to jesus. with cancelo/angelino/mendy/de bruyne in the ranks we could get use out of a striker like this.
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