Erling Haaland


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21 Aug 2014
Agreed. Can't see the fee being too different to the Kane one, wages pretty similar. This just makes more sense.
Not sure about that, I would think the Haaland deal will be considerably more expensive on agent fees alone.

I would also think he would want more wages than Keane.

Semper aggressus

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19 Sep 2019
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Manchester City
After seeing those 2000 dollar jammies he had on in Greece, it's become bloody obvious that he's not the sort of character needed here.

Of course he’s the ‘sort of character’ needed here, in that he’s a bloody brilliant striker!

Who gives a fuck what fucking pyjamas he wears apart from his missus?

We need the best players we can get, regardless of their sartorial taste or anything else. I couldn’t give a shit if a player wanked in a nun’s face if he is the sort of character that can score enough goals to win us the league and finally the fucking CL instead of cunts like Chelsea and scousers.


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4 Feb 2021
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I wouldn't mind Kane or Haaland but the fees for both are insane and they are not the only two strikers in the world. I hope that we are looking at someone else, under the radar, like we did with Dias last season.

As long as it's not Ings.
You say that like you the one forking out the 150 million and not the richest club in the world. The sheikh could drop that amount in the street and it wouldn’t be worth his time to pick it back up

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