Etihad Campus, Stadium and Collar Site Development Thread

Not at all, Stadium gigs and huge arena gigs are very different.

Only big name artists will sell out the Arena, and huge artist's/bands play stadiums. Not all bands suit stadiums.
Really interesting article posted by JRB on the topic which interviews the bloke running the Arena.

There is shift change happening - arena tours in the Summer for many bands are extremely rare as most are on the festival circuit. The co op is bucking the trend.

And the number of consecutive gigs by Take That and Liam Gallagher is rare. Almost creating mini residencies.Both could play stadium shows - but the cost to run an arena tour is much cheaper than a stadium tour. Stadium tours rely on high volume of concerts in multiple countries to spread the cost and make it successful - great if you are an elite level artist that fills stadiums around the world - but smaller stadium tours in one country can work out expensive to run.

Playing multiple concerts in a purpose built 24k venue with multiple vip offerings is making it a very attractive proposition.
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thecooplive - Instagram



1st of November. May have already been posted?

Note the amount of leg room in front of the seats.



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Is there really that much legroom compared to the AO arena. I'm not seeing swathes of free space so will reserve judgement until a few more seats are in.

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