FA Cup Final Saturday 14th May '22

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26 Feb 2011
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Dont usually care, mind or take sides in these types of games but nothing would please me more in this game than a Chelsea win (even better ifits controversial in some way)
Ive always said that for me I hate the scousers more than the rags even before our success -they are a vile cultish bunch who seem to think its their divine right to win games/competitions - they were like that in the 80's when i was a kid and they are still like it now......
Its never their fault - and nothing fits their fans and people in general more than that line - infact, Id go as far to say that in general they typify everything that is wrong with the world

And dont get me started on that overrated pop group from Scouseland in the 1960's - fuck they are shit as well!
Yeah....fucking Gerry and the pacemakers, one hit wonders, heard nowt after that after that song about open sewers..

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31 Jul 2020
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Right going into the garden soon to sand a few tables with a load of ice cold Stella. Then hopefully get in to watch the play off then a dippers loss. Come on Chelsea the pressure on the dippers will be immense.
I don’t think Stella will sand the tables mate. Try an electric sander then some good quality varnish


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16 Jan 2011
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If Chelsea manage to get a win the post match analysis should be done by Morgan Freeman in a presidential voice explaining how close we have come to catastrophe and how we should ensure we never let this kind of threat occur again.
My fellow cityzens of the world.
Today we came close to a global catastrophe.
The catastrophe that would have been global Dipperdom.

A world where nasal phlegmy "eh, lah, mate. Dey do doh don't dey doh" would have sounded from every sports news bulletin for years to come.

A world without the number 39, people would go from being 38 years old to 40 years old on their birthday.

A world where the 9th of June would be declared a day of global mourning.

We've had a close escape.
Banners. Flags. Statues everywhere wearing Nike baseball caps.
Meaningless poems and stupid songs droning on forever.

But now we must look to the future and first we must be prepared for a worldwide shortage of candles. A lake of melted wax meandering down the River Mersey. It's a small price to pay. Our children may have to forego candles on their birthday cake, bless them. Bless us all.


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21 Sep 2008
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After reading the comments on rawk when Laporte got injured the other night, what a shame it would be if they lost their main defender during this match, which meant he is out for their other 3 games too.....


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5 Jun 2009
Just noticed it's on both BBC and ITV, I know it always used to be but I thought that had stopped a while back.

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