Formed in 2008! No history!

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by Goats left knee, 30 Jul 2018.

  1. Goats left knee

    Goats left knee

    9 Jul 2007
    Does anyone else ever get sick to the back teeth of this nonsense always thrown in our direction? Probably in a lot of circumstances by “fans” who have never been to Old Trafford!!
    Could someone please draw up an in your face fact sheet for referral when needed! Lol
  2. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
    315 now Gold forever
    Always tell them I only became a City fan in 2008 and have never been to a game, probably just like them.

    Seems to shut them up, chances are if they had any idea the city shirt I'm wearing would give me away if they had any idea.
  3. SilverFox2


    27 May 2014
    Personally I like to forget our history before the takeover.
    Not that we did not have our moments or even seasons just that our management and some players provided endless opportunities for a patronising smile when I revealed my City allegiance.
    Every body elses favourite second team and a grudging admiration for sticking with City for more years than I care to remember.

    Things are now very different but when competing on historical achievements remember we have much that we should leave in the past.
    Excluding of course the magnificent following whose attendances increased as we dropped through the divisions.
  4. dickie davies

    dickie davies

    25 Sep 2010
    oh please do fuck off
    When dealing with any Liverpool "supporter" if they come out with any shit like this I always ask them, who won a European Trophy first, Liverpool or City?
    And did you know that City won the FA cup for the first time 61 years before Liverpool
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  5. Fame Monster

    Fame Monster

    28 Jun 2009
    All roads lead back to Hitler
    In terms of all-time top flight points table, we’re 6th. We’ve always been in the biggest 6 clubs in England.
  6. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    By history you mean trophies?

    It doesn't compare to Man Utd or Liverpool but what did their honours list look like in the pinnacle of their history under Busby or Shankly?

    Our success means so much more to us now, because we remember the bad times and we are the fastest growing club in the world by every single measure:

    Growing fan base: See attendance growth, see world wide fan surveys eg Global Digital Trends Surveys
    Trophies: e.g. 3 league titles in 7 seasons
    Revenue: Surging. In England second only to Man Utd and closing the gap.
    Infrastructure: See the changes at the's ongoing and we know this is on-going
    Youth teams: Developing an outstanding group of young players. Mourinho feels he can only be competitive with his very best senior players whilst Guardiola revels in pitting his young charges against the best.

    You should be able to go onto any forum in the world and absolutely destroy your opposition because the tissue of lies and jealousy about MCFC is incredibly fragile. Most opposition fans fall back on the financial 'doping' argument or the 'human rights' argument. They are incredibly easy arguments to win. The only problem is that 'conquering all' wastes time. What does it really achieve? A keyboard warrior gives you certain skills and then it becomes boring and health of your team lies not in your skills as a street fighter on the Internet but on the quality of the coach and the financial strength of your club so better to do something more fundamental and increase your own capability so that when presented with an argument you can find its flaw i.e. be able to think on your feet. People are not static unless they want to be. Neural development probably is linked to age but they say we only use 1% of our mental capacity so your potential is limited only by your state of mind.

    City's success has been an incredible experience. We have gone from watching our club slowly die to seeing it turn around in the lower divisions to fight back under Royle and Keegan and then to experience the ultimate moment in the history of sport through Aguero. All we needed was to be loyal (that's a basic human trait) and be lucky to have been born at a magical time in our history, but we can do more than just watch and cheer. Don't spend too much time arguing.
  7. Gorton_Tubster


    2 Apr 2012
    not really here

    Our points total for the last five year shows we are actually one of the best clubs in the premier ever. Utd have exceeded our points total a couple of times over a similar period.


    Nothing scientific but shows just where we fit in with the "great teams" imo
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  8. manimanc


    26 Jul 2010
    breaking into heaven.....
    Utd fans love playing city bingo, it's their favourite past time.
    Whenever they are losing an argument just listen or look out for these phrases, most of the time they think they are being original and wheeling them out for the first time.
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  9. Pigeonho


    9 Jun 2009
    In the King's Head, waiting for the Queen's legs t
    What’s to get sick of? Just football banter.
  10. Norbiton


    27 Jun 2011
    You've got Bought the Referees twice. Typical cheating City

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