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Really looking forward to today. Was away for the Newcastle game so it's my first home game of the season. The sun is shining, it's a 3pm kick off, a chance to have a few beers with friends and family before the game, what's not to like.
Amazing isn't it, a proper kick-off time on the traditional day of Saturday and everybody is looking forward to the game.

The television companies have a lot to answer for the way they have taken the game away from the true match going supporters.
Ideally, we’d see us take a commanding lead and then later in the game introduce Phillips, Gomez, Lewis, and the new players. With the international break ahead, it would be nice to have given everyone a run out. If we are well ahead but the highlighted two still don’t feature at all, then I genuinely despair for them.
How many up do we need to be for Carson to come on and get some minutes before the international break? ;-)
Full strength, full throttle from the off. Can’t take Fulham for granted. Especially after they took a point at Arsenal. Get the game won as soon as possible then make any changes necessary.

Let’s raise the roof!
This guy has posted about the main players in FPL. Gvardiol is also a popular pick but isn't mentioned and wasn't mentioned in his post yesterday. Looks like he could be in for a rest

21 year old who has only played 3 full games for us at the beginning of the season, against an average team at home, before a 2 week international break? For me, the only way he doesn't start is if he is injured.
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