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Not sure why Rodri or anyone needs a rest this week. No one’s played for 6 days and his next game (for Spain) is 6 days away.
Might be later in the season when he needs a rest. I can’t see him needing a rest either at the moment.
Doesn’t look like Philips is going to be put in to play that position. Unless we get 3 up I can’t see him getting on.
All depends on how he's trained this week, Pep likes that a lot. I'd give him a start
Has Pep been at training, still off with his back? I know the staff will be giving him lots of updates. Doku’s English was great in his interview so might have settled in really well. Just to early for a start IMO. I can’t wait to see him play though.
I myself would like to see a new face coming on. But it’s simply the time nor the opponent to do so. Very recently Fulham made us poke fun at Arsenal. And we are not at our best yet.

So strongest 11 out of a possible 14-15 candidates. And if (IF) the scoreline suits so, we might get to see a debut.

Far more important to go into the international weekend top of the league.
It’s like banging your head against a brick wall trying to impart knowledge to some people.
Even fucking Lillo said during the week Foden was back training after being ill. Why people can’t listen to the actual people that are in the know on a day to day basis is beyond me.
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