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Discussion in 'Transfer forum' started by balotelli's back pocket, 11 Apr 2016.

  1. MarsLlama


    23 May 2016
    True, but I can't see him exceeding £20m
  2. raven786


    26 Aug 2014
    Not sure why you guys rate Bernat... he was voted in top 3 worst Bayern players by the Bayern fans. And he's too light weight for the premier league IMO, would get bullied by the likes of Antonio from west ham.
  3. City_Sean


    23 Oct 2011
    Watching it, Drinking it in
    Never really been impressed by Bernat if I'm honest, he's someone who seems highly rated purely because of the club he plays for rather than his actual ability.
  4. the_tevez_wiggle


    3 Apr 2010
    He would be red carded every other match in our team he's a little too passionate to play for us coz of ref bias. He would be world class at the scum though, great young player.
  5. urban genie

    urban genie

    11 May 2008
    Theirs a young german lad who plays for Liepzig Lukas Klostermann, a right back who I have seen only twice this season but looks better beyong his age (21 I think) and composed, saw him also in the oylmpics and arsenal were sniffing about just after, not sure if he's good enough but look good the times I saw him.

    Edit: Actually forget that, just had a google and he's out for several months with a cruciate injury the poor lad
  6. blinkblue


    5 Jan 2011
    Would love us to sign Grimaldo. Such an exciting player.
  7. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Has been shit actually.
  8. Trautmann's Chiropractor

    Trautmann's Chiropractor

    28 Nov 2016
    Been a distinct lack of right sided full back's linked to us considering we're losing ours in the summer. Remember the lad from Betis, Piccini, we were linked to last January then he had a bad injury? He seems to have been playing well, wonder if we could go back in for him this month. Failing that I'd love to see us get Ricardo Peirera in the summer, top talent. We definitely need at least one right back, assuming Pep fancies Maffeo when he comes back from Girona.
  9. whicko


    15 Jan 2009
    Forget Grimaldi,he requires an abdominal operation and will be out until April!
  10. Dax777


    20 Dec 2010
    Someone a few pages back put together a list of names for LB and RB optiions. I called that the "Known knowns" list i.e. The regular suspect list.

    I'm more interested in up and coming players who i.e. potentially fit that Pep style:

    Ricardo Perreirra
    Rich Karsdorp
    Mitchell Weiser
    Sergio Roberto.
    Pablo Maffeo

    Hernandez (Athletico)
    Al Shahrani

    The above are the hit list for me.
    Perreirra: I've been a fan of for a while now, he just pops off the screen when you watch him. An aggressive defender with Winger styled dribbling skills. Wanted him as a LB last year, now he has moved to the RB for the mostly and he still as good.

    Karsdorp I need to see more of him, but he reminds me so much of Bayern and Germany's current RB Kimmich, a tough nosed all round footballer who happens to play RB.

    Weiser. Just like Karsdorp, me both are technically proficient midfielders who play RB. It's the Lahm-ification of the RB position, and long may it continue.

    The fourth and last is Sergio Roberto. Again another proficient midfielder and all round footballer who now plays RB. I think the trend is obvious here :) However, I only included Roberto because the player I was going to include, Cancelo, is actually going to Barca this making Roberto a likely option. Absent that I generally ignore names of players already at a top club. Our hierarchy's connection to Barca and the possibility that Roberto might be interested is the only reason why he is here. Frankly I don't think he is our guy.

    Maffeo: Then there is our boy :) Already on the books, didn't look out of place, and has that all round footballer mentality. He is not as rounded as the above 4 though, but perhaps opportunity is the reason for that. Either way, I expect 2 of these 5 (1 being Maffeo) to form our RB Tandem next season.

    Grimaldo: it seems he rocks all the boxes, aggressive, comfortable with the ball, and a student of the Barca style. Something similar to what Pep does generally. Unfortunately he is currently injured and hasn't played in over 2 months. I'd have him as my top choice.

    Hernandez and Dijks: What I like about these 2 the most is their aggression and size, Dijks is 6-4 and Hernandez is 6-1 they are both tall and strong. Dijks is much more refined (or at least I think he is coz I've seen more of him :p) but Hernandez has a natural LB-ish style. I don't think either would be a glove fit, bit that unorthodoxy they bring to the table might actually be worth more than fitting in like everyone else. If Hernandez continues to grow, he is one to watch. Dijks is going to be solid. A little tight in the hips like Kolarov, but strong in the tackle and a fighter.

    Al Shahrani; This would probably never happen coz Prem teams dont tend to rate players outside of South America and the other top teams in Europe. But Shahrani is the Arabian Marcelo. Probably just as skillful. As a footballer his technique is just as good, I reckon his tactical knowledge might pale in comparison to your average top club fullback. But these are the kinds of players Id like our scout team to find. True gems in lower or nondescript leagues who actually are superior to what is already deemed the crème. Best example of that by the way is N'golo
    Kante. We really don't need a midtable team to show the obvious.

    Finally, watching Zichencho for PSV, I believe he can in fact become a good replacement for David Silva. He is technically pretty similar. But when you add his intensity and quickness on the press, I'd project him as a top 2 LB in the world over next 3 or so years. Frankly, I think he'd be better than Alaba on no time, and similar to Marcelo, but with a better brain. He may end up an attacking midfielder here which would still be good. But for my money, he'd be WC within a year at Leftback.

    And there you have it: The lesser known options at fullback. But in my opinion, the better options at FB
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