General Election - 4th July 2024

Who will you be voting for in the General Election?

  • Labour

    Votes: 120 62.8%
  • Conservative

    Votes: 3 1.6%
  • Liberal Democrat

    Votes: 18 9.4%
  • Reform

    Votes: 23 12.0%
  • Green Party

    Votes: 11 5.8%
  • Other

    Votes: 16 8.4%

  • Total voters
Judging by the attitude on here the Labour party will hand the Tories another term, cutting their own noses off to spite their faces.
It will obviously be much more nuanced than that...... There will be plenty of toilet discourse.
very soon Johnsons live testimony and the subsequent concluding report into what he did in Covid and parties and lies to the commons could well destroy the Tories as most of the cabinet now were the cabinet then and backed him - loads of awkward questions coming their way - if you want someone to analyse his responses to form an attack plan if I was Labour I'd want a former DPP to do it.
Depends who Putin decides to back on Facebook. I see a landslide victory for whichever party promises to remove any military support for Ukraine or NATO.

So the Green Party here and several Republican presidential candidates...
I think starmer will win but it'll be a lot closer and his majority a lot smaller than it should be. I'm sure the Tories will have some success mobilising the immigration issue in traditional red wall areas just as they did with brexit. After yesterday's fairly mean budget I think there will be a cynical 'give away' one raising tax thresholds etc before the GE to effectively bribe the electorate, and if they do get inflation down to under 3% it may almost feel like economic good times.
Finally, labour in 97 held about 50 seats in Scotland - they currently hold 1. I can't see them achieving that sort of swing against the SNP up there.

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