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24 Oct 2018
I believe Barca gonna draft in Soler and Gaya after the Valencia presidents leaks tonight and let Frenkie go to City or ManU, and Lewa will come as well, if the fee to Bayern isn't too steep, contract probably already sorted with Pini Zahavi.

Both Valencian products has contracts to 23 and could probably be gotten for less than 20m€ each, or 30 in package deal lol.. clearance sale from Lim.
With Soler in it creates space for Frenkie to depart. Frenkie was never the replacement for Busquets (and position) as we have seen.
Edit: Leaked audio from Valencia president: "Carlos Soler told me he wanted to leave since the start of the season. I told him that he would have to leave money at the club. If he left for free, I told him I would pay 100,000 euros for the press to attack him."

I think the Lewas is partly motivated that they want to move to a warm place for the end of his career and then Paris or Chelsea make no sense then really, might as well stay in a year by year basis at Bayern then, like most big stars do at their longtime club when they get up in their mid-thirties age.

I must believe this is motivated by something else as well.
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10 Sep 2007
£40 million! The worlds gone mad geoff!!
Why would any player want to play for that shit ridden club is beyond me.

They change managers like underwear, they have no plans or direction and they never sell for cheap and make it difficult to leave. Basically, you're there for your full contract. Their fans expect more than a players can possible give with shite tactics and then turn on players so quickly.

It's basically "The Hotel California" of football.

It's a shit show, which as a player you have to sit through. Madness.


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24 May 2009
BREAKING: Aaron Wan-Bissaka will be allowed to leave Man United this Summer.

Erik ten Hag has decided he does not need the defender.

(Source: @SkySportsNews)

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