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8 Jul 2009
Totally agree. One of the only games I ever actually wanted to finish everything in the game - Nero research things, all the horde missions etc. I've been hoping for a sequel, but it looks like it's been rejected by Sony or something? Never understood the bad rap either. Fucking awesome game.
Recently finished it myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the issue might have been that like most recent games, it was released when it wasn't fully polished. Had it been released for PS5, I think it would've been better received with 4k checkerboard and 60fps.

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6 Aug 2010
Casual gamer here. Whats the score with ps5 stock these days, do you still have to flog a kidney to stand any chance of getting one, or are they becoming more widely available?
Sign up with PlayStation and they will send you an email to get direct from them I had one in my basket the other day but stopped myself, my series X is getting hammered at the moment I really dint need one.


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22 Aug 2008
Thats coming to Switch soon. Is it an action game or an open world game? Is it super difficult?
Bit of both, medium is easy enough to be fair. But the story is phenomenal, if you take take to go through the quests and dont't think the first ending is the end and stop. You play through it a few times from different charecters to see it all. I hadn't played that type of game before and nearly jacked it induring the first boss, but glad I stuck with it. Easy top5/10 for me. Oh, and the music.......
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30 Jun 2009
for those that liked the Dead Island trailer back in the day.

they released the music for the 10th anniversary ( granted this was last year )



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16 Jul 2022
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Man City
I thought I would pop on and mention a game I have enjoyed playing today (it is new today so people may not have heard of it): Turbo Golf Racing.

It is basically Rocket League crossed with Crazy Golf.

I think the only problem might be a legal challenge from the Rocket League people, although its tricky, when is a game idea 'stolen', I don't know.

When I first heard about it I assumed it would be several people chasing one 'ball', but no, each player gets their own ball and its a race to get it in the cup first, by bashing into it. There are power-ups too.

I used to enjoy Rocket League, but I have limited time for games (and I'm not great at them) so I was finding I might get 2 - 3 touches in a game, with this because I have my own ball I'm finding it much more fun.

Its on Gamepass for Xbox

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