Guardiola interview with Rio Ferdinand


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6 Jul 2009
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Footballers cheat, a lot. Important to separate that from their sports personality. Find it weird when guys get all judgemental about it as if they’d not be doing the same thing.
Look what Phil Foden was up to when his missus was pregnant.
Does that mean he’s a despicable human being ? And sorry excuse for a man?
Do you know them all?
And don’t judge other people by your own standards

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1 Sep 2016
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Not only that, these people have had privileged access to the greatest manager of all time for four years. They have had undreamed of opportunity to get some real insights into the game, to improve their football knowledge, to entertain and educate their readers in the art of football and make a reputation for themselves as serious sports journalists.

And what did they do with it ?
Quite correct.

Whether it’s from an anti-AbuDhabi/pro-Qatar standpoint, or an anti-City/pro-Cartel standpoint; they’ve spurned the opportunity to get the best out of Pep from a media point of view.


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12 Jul 2015
Not sure I want us to win the champions league now if this is the unfinished business for pep and then he’s off. I’d rather we keep getting knocked out and pep stays forever more. It was a very good interview indeed. Young Phil is a peps baby and young Phil adores him. We are all so lucky and privileged to see Peps world class team enjoy folks

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