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5 Sep 2013
En Why? See.
Inter’s current situation isn’t financially secure at all. There is a lot of uncertainty at that club coming from the ownership. They’re actually in a worse place than Atletico and Dortmund.

I don’t believe the comparison between Griezmann and Joao Felix at all. Griezmann had a release clause of 180M which Atletico slashed down to 108M as the player wanted out. Felix’s clause is 350M. Even if they cut that down in half (which is highly unlikely), it’s still a wild number. They didn’t give that player the biggest release clause of the club’s history to make it easy for him. I actually don’t think that even if Simeone told his superiors there that he wants Felix out (which there is no indication of) they would facilitate for a move. Last summer, we approached Atletico with interest of signing their CB Jose Gimenez. He is an injury prone player that misses large chunks of the season; yet Pep likes and wanted him. And still, Atletico wouldn’t back down of the release clause they set for him, of 120M.

So my point being, as it stands Felix is an unrealistic transfer, unless I see evidence proving otherwise
Can you can help me understand your response?

I'm a bit confused about the reference to ideas and points I didn't intend to suggest.

To clarify what I meant, I wrote:
  1. I thought [Lukaku would] be a target but I then heard what I wrote - and it's clear [Inter] are in a better position than Dortmund or Atleti in terms of future prospects for next season so easier to keep.

    So, I did NOT mean PRIMARILY a club's "financial position" with that sentence, as to why Felix or Lukaku would be sold or likely to. I meant more as in a club's COMPLETE ability to keep the player.

    "Financial position" is a factor, but only part of the story.

    We also have:
    The player's interest in staying/their ambition to go to a "bigger" club, their agent's style, the market for the player, the club's ambitions, etc.

    - Interest in staying/ ambition is also based on what the club may look like for him in the future.

    Lukaku HAS scored goals for Inter and has increased his reputation whilst Felix has not gotten the same numbers at Atleti and his has stagnated. Conte's sides may not play the most beautiful football, but they are creating chances for Lukaku. Atleti are not as good at this under Simeone and it is arguably hurting Felix's reputation.

    - Lukaku has had 1 great season, but he failed at United so that works against his market, Felix has been inconsistent, and yet to have a great season in La Liga so his is worse - BUT - he is "less proven" at a "big club" (for or against his reputation), plays in a side that does not create chances, and is younger so that is all NOT held against him, and thus perhaps less negatives.

    - Inter are clearly vying to be, and are in otherwise good position outside of short-ish term (?) financial issues - to become Juve's top Serie A rival. Atleti are not going to expect the same results next season with RM and Barca functioning better which feels likely.

    A) Inter's difficult financial situation is not unique. Pep just said we're experiencing it, today.

    Inter will do all they can to keep Lukaku for next season regardless. They may also think they can get more for him 1 season post COVID and I'd gather would rather move other lesser parts to keep Lukaku if needs be.

    B) We know there are rumours swirling about Lukaku, but if you read between the lines you will also notice that Inter want Lukaku to sign a new contract. Do you hear this about Felix? No.

    It could be a Suarez Liverpool situation to get a bigger fee, but I don't think it's the same. Italian clubs we see are stubborn about selling to the richer PL clubs they are competing with for world reputation/CL and the same ones (City/Chelsea) who are targeting Lukaku this summer.

    The Lukaku leaving rumours can also easily be his agent trying to get a better contract whilst understandable feelers are sent out.

  2. I didn't compare Griezmann to Felix, other than their wages, nor did I mention anything about their release clauses (I'll answer to that in a moment).

    I pointed out the fees Atletico received for Griezmann and paid for Felix combined with the difference in their wages to show that the net loss between selling Griezmann and buying Felix was a few million Euros.

    A) I'll reiterate the flaws I see with and respond to the argument I hear regularly that Atleti won't sell Felix for less than what they paid (€126m).

    The maths regarding the loss of fee paid for Felix minus Griezmann's fee was -€6m, so why would it have to be no less than the €126m fee they paid for Felix? As an example, if Atleti sell Felix for €80m they get a €74m profit.

    Then factor in less wages for Felix over 2 seasons and that 6m figure drops, compared to the cost of keeping Griezmann's higher wages.

    B) As for the high release clause for Felix, yes it is a preventative measure and yes, and shows they value him. Yet, we know that they are likely never going to get anything close to it. It is that high due to Neymar, yet he was an abberation.
  3. Just lastly, again, a big difference between both players has been how this season has panned out for their reputations and how much you honestly think either player wants to stay for 1 more season to see if their market will grow their performance if their manager remains the same.

    That's a big part of why I suspect Lukaku stays as he seems MORE likely willing to stay at Inter 1 more season compared to Felix.

    For Lukaku, it's gone very well at Inter this year
    who may feel more pressure to compete for the title and a better showing in CL next season than Atletico next season.

    Compare this to Felix's situation. He might be ready to leave Atleti now because it's hard to see major changes to style to facilitate his skills, such as with a new manager, even if we hear Simeone may leave soon (if Simeone goes this summer this helps perhaps).

    If you're Felix, I'd be concerned about another season with Atleti for my reputation, compared to playing at a club where I get chances to shine.

    There are reasons I can see Felix staying, sure, I'm just seeing him being the easier signing compared to Lukaku given all these factors.​
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