Have we seen the best?

Discussion in 'Bluemoon forum' started by buckshot, 27 Jul 2019.

  1. Aja


    3 Jun 2019
    Best to come would be this coming season to win both the PL and the CL. A full circle of trophies to crown Pep and the squad. To me the national cups are like extra icing on a cake and Pep managed to win them all in one season.

    I respect and yet don't understand fans who don't care about the Champions League. If some huge clubs around Europe are desperate to win it despite having national success it's because this competition has some magic, some extra spice. Winning it is a dream but at least having better runs against tough opponents is a manageable priority.
  2. Dunne's own goal

    Dunne's own goal

    25 Jan 2009
    Tbh I expect it to be downhill from here
  3. W11Nchenko


    31 Aug 2012
    aleks zinchenko. he wins when he plays.
    ederson (25)

    cancelo (25)

    stones (25)

    laporte (25)

    zinchenko (22)

    rodri (23)

    de bruyne (28)

    bernardo (24)

    sterling (24)

    jesus (22)

    sane (23)

    aside from missing aguero, arguably our strongest eleven.

    only one player over the age of 25.

    so on paper, hard though it is to conceive, the team’s on course to steadily improve over the next 3 or so seasons, peaking c. 2023/24.
  4. Colin Bell (genuine name)

    Colin Bell (genuine name)

    18 Dec 2017
    I am of the opinion that we will win everything next year.

    We have a team full of exceptional players who would individually be recognised as one of the most influential players in any other team in the premier league and Europe. They are playing with a team full of other exceptional players which means they don't stand out as individuals and this may be the reason why Bernardo and Sterling have not been nominated as FIFA players of the year

    We have undoubtably the best coach in the world in Pep and our football is miles beyond anything to grace the English game. It's such a joy to see the football played by our team and I for one am going to enjoy every minute of the coming season.

    I watched a repeat of the FA cup final earlier this week and when Kevin came on we were feckin out of this world. 61st game of the season and we looked like we were on a different planet and then Pep gives an interview stating " next season we will be better". I believe him.

    The thread title is "Have we seen the best?", in my opinion the answer is yes we have, but there is better to come.


    27 Apr 2011
    No, the best is yet to come. Every year that Pep is in charge will be another year of improvements. There is no limit to where this can go. We have only seen the best so far.

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